At JT2 Gourmet Burgers & Ranch Market it’s fresh beef straight off the ranch

Pasture Raised. No Hormones. No Antibiotics. No Steroids.

The Taylor family opened JT2 Gourmet Burgers and Ranch Market in Lindale in May 2019 after raising cattle for over 5 years down the road on their ranch in Grand Saline.

On one end of the counter you can ‘build-your-own’ burger, and on the other end you can purchase different cuts of meats from the meat market

“It’s a unique combination,” said owner Jason Taylor. “All of the beef served [at both the restaurant and the meat market] is raised on the ranch.”

The burger side is a pretty simple process. You choose whether you want a thick or thin beef patty, what cheese you want and all of the fixins’ you want on top. They also have a few homemade sauces that you can add in lieu (or addition) of the traditional condiments. Jason’s wife, Jolie, makes both the pesto mayo and the chipotle mayo.

“Everything in the restaurant is cooked to order,” said Taylor. “When you show up, it’s cooked.”

In addition to the burger, they also hand-spiral the potatoes for fresh made chips, and hand-cut fries also occasionally show up as a daily special option.

“Then on the meat market side there’s actually two parts, there’s the pre-packaged side where you can find pre-packaged ground beef, ribeyes etc. similar to a grocery store,” said Taylor. “Then if you want something specific or unique then you go to the ‘cut to order’ side. There you can decide the width, size, weight of what you want. And we also offer unique products like a bavette or collette which you don’t typically find other places.

So the biggest thing that makes JT2 Gourmet Burgers and Ranch Market different from anything else, is that 100% of the beef was raised at J&J Taylor Cattle Company, which is the Taylor’s company on the family’s ranch in Grand Saline.

“What we do at J&J Taylor Cattle Company is raise cattle,” said Taylor. “All of the cattle are high-quality animals, and the unique thing about the situation is all of the cows are raised on the ranch. So they live an absolutely wonderful life and that really shows up in the flavor and the texture of the beef.”

Healthy living is extremely important to the Taylor’s, which is why they believe everyone should have access to fresh, locally-raised ranch beef at affordable prices.

“From a price standpoint we’re competitive with any grocery store and with us you know the exact source of where it comes from,” said Taylor. “So our customers can really have the confidence in the product itself because they know the ranch and where it came from, how the animal was treated and the quality and consistency of it all.”

JT2 Gourmet Burger and Ranch Market is located at 2551 South Main Street in Lindale.

Hours of operation: 

Monday – Wednesday:  7 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Thursday – Saturday:  7 a.m. – 9 p.m.

You can place an order online here.

Visit their website here.

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