This East Texas pie shop offers ‘Just Pies’ and they’re all made from scratch

Made with love, just like grandma used to do.

Just Pies opened in Tyler in January 2019, and like the name says, they offer East Texas…just pies, and a lot of them!

We sat down with Tammy Harden, the owner of Just Pies, to learn more about the bakery.

“Just Pies is actually a dream that has come true for us,” said Harden. “All of our pies are made from scratch and many of our recipes are from grandmothers, my aunt, my mom and they were passed down. And we literally have their recipes here in the shop and we follow those recipes. We don’t do box mixes here at Just Pies. Everything is measured out and made from scratch by hand.”

Between fruit pies, creamy pies, tart pies, pies with meringue, pies with pecans and everywhere in between, their menu has something for everyone. And if it doesn’t, they take special and customized orders.

The menu is broken into two parts: daily pies and pre-order pies.

Daily pies include Buttermilk Coconut Pecan, Apple, Cherry, Chocolate Meringue, Lemon Meringue, Coconut Meringue, Buttermilk, Pecan, Chocolate Chess, Key Lime, Lemon Ice Box and many more. You can see the list on their website.

“Our top sellers are, number one, Chocolate Meringue, and then our Buttermilk Coconut Pecan,” said Tammy Harden, owner of Just Pies. “And our Coconut Meringue. And then Key Lime is one of our top sellers. I’d say those are probably our top four that we sell every day, and usually sell out of every day.”

Click here to view their online menu.

“Just Pies is the place to go if you want, homemade, from scratch — the crust is made from scratch, the filling, the whipped topping, the meringue – everything is made from scratch,” said Harden. “We have four full-time bakers. We have two that come in and assist with making the crust. Literally hand pressing out those crusts with a pie press. So everything is just like you would have got from home, if mom or grandma, were making it from scratch.”

Just Pies is located at 2970 Old Henderson Highway (Spur 124) in Tyler.

Their current hours of operation are:

Tuesday – Saturday: 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Click here to visit their website.

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