La Croix unveils its first new flavor in two years

La Croix unveiled a new flavor in its drink lineup: HI-Biscus. This is the first flavor the sparkling water brand has put out in two years.

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La Croix originally teased the flavor on Instagram by posting an animation of a bright pink can and asking for followers’ best guesses.

Some of the guesses in the comments were watermelon, strawberry kiwi, raspberry lemonade and even rose water. A favorite comment was asking for an alcoholic La Croix drink (I mean, why hasn’t this happened already?)

We can bet that many of these guesses give La Croix great future flavors inspiration, but they were all wrong. HI-Biscus is the new flavor to release in the fuchsia pink cans.

HI-Biscus rolls out in the Western US first so it may be a little while until we can get our hands on the new flavor here in East Texas.

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