Meteors, Mercury and an amazing Lunar Eclipse in May

It's time to break out the telescopes to witness the wonder of nature.

May might be the best month of 2021 for astronomical events! Mark your calendars and get ready to be wowed at the heavens.

May 4-8: A good chance of meteor showers

The Eta Aquariid meteor shower runs early to mid May but the best chance to see some streaks in the sky is around the 8th. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, this is a huge show but for us north of the equator it might not be super spectacular. At night and right before dawn, look for the constellation Lyra.

May 13-17: Quick! Take a look at Mercury while you can

Since it is so close to our sun, Mercury is often very hard to see. But for a few days in mid-May, look to the west about an hour and a half after sunset. Don’t look at the sun itself. The planet will be just above the horizon. On May 13, you can find Mercury near the moon.

May 26: Super Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse Day!

Not only will it be a Full “Super” Moon but the Earth will pass between the moon and the sun for a lunar eclipse. This will happen before sunrise on May 26th around 4:00am. The best place to see the eclipse will be in the western North America and far Eastern Asia. For those in the central and eastern parts of the US, we’ll only see a partial eclipse. We will have to wait until November 2021 for the next lunar eclipse.

Here’s a link to let NASA bring the universe into your home. Have fun stargazing!

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