Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts and those under $10

If you’re looking for some easy ways to show your love and affection to your Mom, our friends at ArkLaTex Weekend made this list of  homemade Mother’s Day gifts and gifts that are less than $10.

A Night Off

Moms are the glue that holds a family together, but even the best mothers need a night off and some quality down time.

Pick up some take-out and serve up a quiet night where she can kick back and relax in front of the tube.

Make sure you take care of cleanup and the only rule is mom doesn’t do anything except enjoy her meal in peace.

Strawberry Rose Bouquet

Looking for a cute DIY gift for your mom? How about a crafty and tasty strawberry rose bouquet?

This gift is not only creative but it is really crafty yet delicious too. It is simple to put together and you can find all the supplies in your home!

Click here to see how it’s created.

(And, if you are feeling really crafty, there is also an alternative to do chocolate covered strawberry bouquet.)

Mom's Photo Book

When she’s not around, rummage through some old photos or take some selfies of you and your mom.

Make copies or print out the pictures in a 4″ x 6″ size. Pick up a photo book for around $6 at Michael’s and give her some memories she treasures. This would be a good way to honor your mother if she has passed away.

Homemade Coupon Book

Take a few pieces of paper. Cut them into thirds width-wise. Then write down some “coupons” that you’re mom can redeem at any anytime. Staple them all together and you have a quick and easy homemade Mother’s Day gifts.

Here are some coupon ideas:

  • “One Free Laundry Day” coupon – You take care of all the laundry which does include washing, drying, folding, hanging, ironing (if you’re old enough), etc.
  • “Clean the Bathroom” coupon – Commit to cleaning the entire bathroom so she doesn’t have to.
  • “Free Hug Every Hour” coupon – Trust us, moms love hugs.
  • “Play Day” coupon – Treat her to some of your favorite games or go outside for some fun.


The standard gift of flowers will always be welcomed by Mom.

Local florists and grocery stores have a variety of bouquets and arrangements in all price ranges. So don’t be afraid to pick out her favorite flowers and give them to her.

Mom Concrete Letters

This is a great gift for mom that is under $10.

These handmade letters are for sale on Etsy and there are more versions other than the one pictured so you can get any letters you like.

The letters are 2″ (5.2cm) high and about 1.5″ (3.5cm) wide.

It is great gift that mom could put in the living room, her room, or the office for decor.

Bath Bombs

Moms really enjoy time to relax.

Surprise them with these bath bombs and leave her alone so she can have some time to herself.

This set is $9.99 at Target, but these fizzy creations are easy to find at many stores.


Amazon has thousands of personalized gifts to choose from, but vinyl decorated items like mugs and tumblers can easily be found locally.

Just go to the Facebook Marketplace and type “vinyl” and tons of local ads will pop up.

You can even just buy the custom decal yourself and slap it on her favorite drink ware.

Gift Cards

Mom’s favorite store might be closed due to the Coronavirus, but don’t let that stop you.

Contact them and find out if they offer gift cards or gift certificates. She’ll appreciate it when the stores open up.

A glass of candy

Find out your mom’s favorite candy. Find a cool looking glass in your cupboard and fill it up with her favorite candy.

She can put the glass wherever she wants, and it will be filled with a sweet treat for whenever she wants (or needs) it.

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