New Destinations for Amtrak! Maybe.

Amtrak announced new destinations and a new plan to grow rail service across this great country. Soon major cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas and Baton Rouge will have access to the existing rail network. The train service also plans to enhance services on several existing lines.

Atlanta would become a hub of rail travel with new routes to Nashville, Savannah and Montgomery. Instead of fighting traffic on Interstate 10 from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, just board a train. Cut across the heart of Ohio from Cincinnati to Cleveland.  The time it would take to go from Texarkana to Houston by train will be cut down thanks to a new line from Dallas to the Bayou City. Estimates point to more than 160 cities might be part of the new rail system. Some routes already in use might see more trains riding the rails offering more convenient times for passengers.

However, the line from Mobile, Ala. to Jacksonville, Fl. will be suspended.

Amtrak New Destinations
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These new routes and services are part of the infrastructure plan set forth recently by President Joe Biden. The rail line is asking for $80 million for the routes and to upgrade rail lines and tunnels, bridges and overall improvements to their system.

Stay tuned for further developments about these new potential destinations on Amtrak.