Oreo is releasing 5 different flavors throughout the summer. Which one will you try?

Just when you think the cookie aisle has it all…Oreo decides to make it even more diverse. Oreo is releasing FOUR new flavors this summer and bringing back their previously limited-edition S’mores flavor. That’s right there will be FIVE new additions to the Oreo lineup in the coming weeks!

According to delish, the cookie company will release the flavors one at a time from May until August.

new oreo flavors

Here’s the line-up:

May- S’mores

Starting May 13th. These are made up marshmallow and chocolate creme stuffed between two graham cracker cookies. This will be a limited-edition flavor.

June- Latte Thins

The exact release date hasn’t been announced, but coffee lovers will love this latte flavored creme and thin chocolate cookie option. And if these sound delicious, then you’re in luck. They’re becoming the newest permanent Oreo Thins flavor.

June- Marshmallow Moon 

The exact release date for this flavor also hasn’t been announced, but it’s inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Apollo lunar landing. The creme inside these cookie will be a purple color and the entire package will be glow in the dark. This will be a limited-edition flavor.

July- Mint Chocolate Chip

Oreo has teamed up with Baskin Robbins to bring you the Mint Chocolate Chip flavor sometime in mid-July. These cookies will have two types of flavored creme, Mint and Chocolate, and it will also have some chocolate chips. This will be a limited-edition flavor.

August- Maple Creme

And what better way to round out the summer than with a final flavor to debut in late August. The maple creme will feature two golden Oreo cookies stuffed with sweet maple creme.

We need to know which flavor you’re most looking forward to! Let us know in our Facebook comments.

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