A new dreamy ice cream claims it will help you sleep better

Ice cream that helps you sleep?! Its the best of both worlds! The company Nightfood is releasing low calorie ice cream with natural compounds that work together to help you sleep better.

The amino acid glycine, magnesium, digestive enzymes, protein, fiber, and lower sugar levels reportedly work to better your sleep without the use of melatonin.


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All of our 8 new flavors have been announced! Which Pint are you most excited to try? #FeedTheCraveMonster Coming February 2019 🍦

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The company announced 8 flavors which include Full Moon Vanilla, Midnight Chocolate, After Dinner Mint Chip, Cold Brew Decaf, Milk & Cookie Dough, Cookies n’ Dreams, Cherry Eclipse and Bed and Breakfast.

Each pint ranges from 280 – 400 calories, so you can FINALLY indulge in that late-night sweet tooth craving! Which one are you the most excited for?


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