Nine trendy new Halloween costumes for 2020

Happy Halloween! It is that time of year again which means it’s time for candy, parties, and new Halloween costumes. Want to stand out with your costume this year? We have a list of nine trendy costumes this 2020 Halloween season from the new movies, songs, and real life people.

Mulan Costume 2020

Hiding her identity under pain of death, Mulan steps up to save her family and all of China. Even though this movie came out in 1998, this new improved costume is from the 2020 film. It comes with a sweeping jacket and shirt as piece and fasten at the back with an elastic pant for a comfortable fit.

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American Suit

Since this is an election year, you know a popular costume will be for America. Whether you are man or women, the American flag costume suit or dress will be an “on time” costume for this year.

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Tomatohead Costume

You ready for a Halloween food fight! Well get suited up in the Tomatohead costumes from the popular Fortnite game. This costume is a pizza pit jumpsuit with belt, shin guards, and the Tomatohead mask to protect your face. All the things you need to be prepare for the epic foodfight you will endure possibly this Halloween season.

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Poppy Trolls World Tour Costume

Queen Poppy is here to save the day! You can be a child queen or adult women queen with this Poppy Trolls World Tour costume. The costume comes with a sparkling blue dress, a structed hoop skirt lines with tulips, and shear pink to matches Poppy’s skin color. Along with the pink tights and headband, you will be ready to sing, dance, and trick or treat all night long with this costume set.

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Green Billie Eilish

Rock the fairly new American singer/songwriter Billie Eilish green outfit. This is an iconic outfit for the young artists. This costume comes with an oversized t-shirt and shorts with covered doodles plus the green headwrap and black face mask.

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Boogers the Clown Costume

It is not Halloween without a clown costume of some sort! Boogers the Clown is the latest clown edition costumes of 2020. Not only is it scary but also gross and funny depending how you look at it. The costume is a jumpsuit and comes with a collar, hat, and of course the smiling, tongue out into nose picking booger mask.

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Black Widow

Get ready to fight evil with this Marvel Comic character costume of Black Widow. She is a superhero representing girl power for the superwomen out there. The costume includes a jumpsuit with metallic accent cuffs and a light up belt. Get those gadgets ready and eyes open for next operation with this Black Widow Costume.

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Viral Outbreak Costume

2020 has been a crazy year so far to say the least. However, it is good to find the humor in different circumstances. So since we have Covid -19 going on this year, it is only appropriate to have a viral outbreak costume for new Halloween costumes for 2020. This costume will cover you head to toe, literally! It comes with a white hooded jumpsuit, surgical mask, and latex gloves. Now for a fact you will have a safe Halloween.

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Feed Me Skeleton Costume

Keeping the Halloween spirit as well as a having way to hold your candy. This Feed Me Skeleton Costume is a great way for kids to get more trick-or-treating done with two different ways to obtain goodies. This costumes comes with tunic that fastens in the back as well as a skeleton printed mouth that opens to pocket those treats!

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