Oscar Mayer announces their ‘Ice Dog Sandwich’ which is basically a hot dog flavored ice cream

Photo Courtesy of Oscar Mayer / Twitter.

The ice cream and condiments worlds are blending and I have no idea how we got here. First, French’s Mustard announced a special mustard flavored ice cream. Now, Oscar Mayer announced the release of a hot dog flavored ice cream sandwich: the Ice Dog Sandwich. 

The hot dog company took to Twitter to shock the social platform with its ice cream news. According to the tweet below it’s a hot dog sweet cream with candied hot dog bits with a spicy dijon gelato served frozen between two cookie buns.

During the week of August 12, New York City can expect to see the Ice Dog Sandwich, which is made with hot dogs and spicy mustard. As for here East Texas, I think we’re safe from this crazy creation but only time will tell.

Oscar Mayer’s announcement comes shortly after French’s Mustard decided to mix up a batch of mustard ice cream. This interesting dessert idea released in NYC and LA on National Mustard Day. While French’s put out a recipe video so you can make your own mustard ice cream at home, you have to be in NYC to get a taste of the hot dog ice cream sandwich.

Obviously, the ice cream world is expanding rapidly! What crazy ice cream combination do you want to see (or not see) next? Let us know on our Facebook!

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