Family Craft Time! Learn how to make a Pizza Box Pinata

Don't toss that box, here's how to make a pizza box piñata! Turn trash into a party night.

The next time your family orders pizza, don’t toss that box! You can turn trash into a party night by constructing your own pizza box piñata!

How to make a pizza box piata

  1. Here’s what you’ll need:
    • Pizza box
    • Masking tape
    • Crepe or tissue paper
    • Twine or rope
    • Plastic cap from any soda or drink bottle
    • Lugnut or washer
    • Drill, nail, or any other hole-making device that is slightly bigger than your twine or rope
    • Glue or double-sided tape
    • Additional construction paper for decoration
    • Small candy and prizes
  2. Using the drill or nail, make a hole in the center of the plastic cap.
  3. Use the drill or nail to make a hole on the side of the pizza box. (Use the rear side of the box)
  4. Thread the twine or rope into the box through the hole.
  5. Now thread the twine through the cap hole, and double-knot the lugnut at the end of the twine. When you pull the twine, the nut should be resting inside the cap.
  6. Fill the box with candy, prizes or any other surprises.
  7. Close the box, and tape up the sides securely.
  8. Take your crepe paper, and make little cuts width-wise, so you turn the paper into fringe.
  9. Using glue or double-sided tape, cover the both sides of the box with the strips of paper.
  10. Cut the construction paper into a face, body, or anything else your imagination can cook up to decorate the box.
  11. Hang the pizza box piñata on a hook (far away from anything breakable) and have fun trying to break the box with a big stick or broom handle!

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