Places for computer and internet services for a low income families

As the Coronavirus crisis continues into the fall, many schools are continuing to hold classes online. Low income families can run into trouble affording a computer. We searched the Internet and found a few places that might be able to help. Some offer free computers while others may offer deals on Internet access.

Computer Deals

Notebooks for StudentsWebsite – Laptops start at $195. They offer new, factory refurbished and certified off-lease computers. Off-lease laptops come from large corporations who leased the computers for their employees.

Computers with CausesWebsite – They take donated computers and distribute them to those in need. After filling out the request form, a strict need assessment, background check and reference check are made. Apply online only. Anyone can donate a computer to them by clicking here.

Local Thrift and Secondhand Stores and Auction websites – Once in a while, someone will donate a computer, laptop or tablet to The Salvation Army or Goodwill. Some of their stores might have used computer accessories at a great price. Goodwill also has an auction website. Don’t forget about other auction sites as well.

Microsoft Registered RefurbishersWebsite – If a Windows computer works for you, you might want to check out the list of those approved by Microsoft that takes used computers and fixes them up. Buying a refurbished computer could save a low income families and everyone else a lot money.

Connect AllWebsite – Those who qualify by meeting certain low-income criteria can get a laptop starting at $109 with free shipping.

Local Computer Stores and Repair Shops – You can find “open box,” clearance and refurbished deals on tablets, laptops and desktops.

Computers & Internet Services for Low Income Families

The On It FoundationWebsite – Since 1999, this group provides computers, training and Internet to low-income families that receive a free or reduced school lunch. A sponsor program exists to help with computer training and Internet service.

EveryoneOnWebsite – Search in your neighborhood for affordable computers and Internet options.

Local Cable Companies and Cell Phone Service Providers – Some providers like AT&T offer affordable Internet options for low income families.

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