Popeyes apparently testing a new version of its chicken sandwich, report says

Remember the chicken sandwich wars? Well, Popeyes might be plotting a return to the battlefield.

Apparently, Popeyes is “quietly testing out an all-new version of its wildly popular chicken sandwich,” Thrillist reports.

Photo source: WVUE

Although it might seem lightyears ago, Popeyes first launched the original chicken sandwich in 2019. The viral sensation quickly sparked social media debates around fast-food chicken sandwiches and earned a permanent spot on Popeyes’ menu due to its unprecedented success.

Now, the insanely popular item could be getting a “sweet and smoky” upgrade.

According to the report, Popeyes is testing a BBQ Bacon Cheddar Chicken Sandwich at select locations in Denver, Colo. The new twist adds cheddar cheese, crispy bacon and smoky barbecue sauce to the original chicken sandwich.

Sorry, we can help but wonder why Popeyes didn’t test this bad boy out in Louisiana first?

So far, there’s no word on whether the fast-food chain will release the new sandwich at other locations.

Read the full story via Thrillist here.

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