What is preemergent herbicide and why is now the time to put it out?

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In the past, if you’ve had a cool annual weed problem then now is the time to put your preemergent herbicide products out

What are cool annual weeds?

“Examples of cool annual weeds are Henbit or Texas Blue Grass, otherwise known as Poa Annua,” said Randy Reeves, Lawn and Garden Specialist at Jake’s Feed in Longview.

The cool season annual weeds, Poe Annua specifically, grow in moist, compacted and even shady locations. And each plant can produce over 350 seeds, even if it’s mowed at low heights.

So needless to say, these weeds can become a problem if you don’t get ahead of it.

What is a preemergent herbicide?

A preemergent herbicide is the key to preventing those weeds from growing.
“Now is a great time to get those preemergent herbicides out,” said Reeves. “We great product, Dimension, which is made by Hi-Yield.”

“If you have warm season annual weed problem, like crabgrass, which most people do,” said Reeves. “You’ll put [preemergent] out probably by the second week on February.”

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