Reese’s launches three new holiday shapes, but what are they?

Many chocolate lovers might argue that Reese’s specialty shaped candies just taste better than the original peanut butter cup. I mean, they froze a batch of Reese’s Easter eggs in the spring because people could not get enough of them! Now, Reese’s introduces a new bag of holiday-themed shapes, except we can’t quite figure out what they are.

The new candy bag reads, “Reese’s Peanut Butter Mystery Shapes.” Inside the Christmas-themed package are three different and individually wrapped mysterious shapes.

Instagram poster and sweet treat lover, @candyhunting, shared a photo of what is inside the individually wrapped candies.


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Now, your guess is as good as mine what these shapes are supposed to be. I think I know what they are, but the longer I look at them, the more confused I become.

Walmart’s product description suggests these are perfect gifts or stocking stuffers during the winter holidays. And, the individual wrapping keeps you guessing until you tear it open to see what’s inside.

The other popular seasonal Reese’s shapes include Easter eggs, Halloween pumpkins and Christmas trees. Over the years, these shapes have never actually looked like the shapes they are supposed to be. The eggs and pumpkins tend to look like little pillows of chocolate and peanut butter. And, the trees look like blobs or weird lumps.

No matter the shape, they still taste delicious! But, it is hard to ignore the jokes that follow the funky shapes.

So, these mystery shapes seem to be a product of the candy company leaning into the jokes. If the holiday shapes are going to look weird anyway, just let the candy-lovers decide what they are.

Much like with the Santa Claus tradition, a little imagination goes a long way here.

Get your hands on the new candy in stores during the winter holidays. Or, order them from Walmart for about $3.

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