Romance on the Rails: What You Can Really Expect

We experienced Romance on the Rails, and we're going to tell you what it was really like!

The Texas State Railroad has been a way for families to come together and take a ride through the East Texas Piney Woods for decades.
With depots in Palestine and Rusk, the railroad welcomes people of all ages aboard to experience a 4-hour, round-trip excursion.

State Railroad also offers a one-of-a-kind date night excursion. One Saturday a month, from the months of  June to September, the Texas State Railroad hosts passengers for an evening  through their Romance on the Rails series. It’s a unique ride under the moon and stars filled with the opportunity to be pulled by a 101-year-old steam engine, and sit aboard a railcar preserved in it’s history and charm. I was invited to take part in this adventures, so I grabbed my husband and two friends and we hopped on board.

Our theme was Pints in the Pines, so we were able to sample beer from an East Texas Brewery while sitting aboard the first-class car. The night also included a full-size local beer of our choice and a stop at the Rusk Depot for a barbecue dinner. We had the option to eat our barbecue dinner at the provided picnic tables, or back aboard the train. We were in Rusk for about an hour (which was plenty of time to see the sunset over the lake) before we headed back to Palestine.

From that alone, we had a great time. But what really set our experience above expectations was our attendant Courtney. From the moment we stepped on aboard, to the the time we departed she kept us entertained. She, along with all of the incredible employees, was filled with fun historical facts about the train and answered all of the questions we had.

There are 6-different on board experiences you can have every time you ride the railroad, depending on where you sit. There’s the Caboose, Presidential, First-Class, Coach, Open-Air and even a locomotive ride-along.  You can read about the different seat options here.

If you’re interested in the Romance on the Rails ride their 2019 summer dates are June 7th, June 28th, July 19th and August 9th. You can book your excursion here.

The Palestine Depot is located at  189 Park Road 70 in Palestine.

The Rusk Depot is located at 535 Park Road 76 in Rusk.

You can visit the Texas State Railroad’s website here.

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