Say Cheese: The food truck that gives back

This gourmet food truck serves so much more than a grilled cheese.

Say Cheese, A Their Turn Company, is relatively new to East Texas, but their food truck reputation is known across the region.

With trucks in both Tyler and Nacogdoches, Say Cheese offers a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches that bring together a simple concept with fresh and delicious ingredients. In fact, all of the sandwiches are in some way inspired by the owner’s favorite meals. Check out their menu here.

What makes Say Cheese different from other East Texas food trucks is their ‘Pay It Forward’ attitude. Each time a guest leaves a tip, Say Cheese writes it down and posts it on the food truck’s window. Then those values can be redeemed like cash to help someone in need, or down on their luck.

For more on where you find Say Cheese, click here, or to order online click here.

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