Sylvia Mae’s Soul Food is all about down home country cookin’, just like your grandma made

Cooking done with love since 2012.

Down home country cookin’, just like your grandma made, can be found at Sylvia Mae’s Soul Food in Jacksonville, Texas.

“I started because I love cooking,” said Sylvia Jones, owner of Sylvia Mae’s Soul Food. “My mom cooked, my sister cooked…and we had like 7 of us so we learned how to cook big. I never did  break recipes the down, so I don’t know how to cook small. So I like to feed other people and see their happy faces.”

“Come on over and get that soul food, home cook taste! The best this side of the Mississippi! You’ll be glad you made the drive. An experience you won’t forget. Cooking done with love since 2012.”

And happy faces, you’ll see. Jones dedicates a wall to pictures she takes with every customer that dines at Sylvia Mae’s.

“I would love to take a picture of each and every one of my customers,” adds Jones. “But if [they] don’t want to take pictures that’s okay. I really enjoy meeting people, and [I have a map] where people can put where they’re from.”

“Located just north of Downtown Jacksonville, you can get your fill of fried catfish, smothered pork chops, chicken fried steak, or even our specialty fried ribs (just to name a few.) Don’t forget the greens, purple hull peas, and tasty tators.”

At Sylvia Mae’s Soul Food you can get your fill of fried catfish, smothered pork chops, chicken fried steak, stuffed burgers, and fried ribs paired with purple hull peas, greens and more.

“It’s not only just soul food,” said Jones. “It’s Southern cooking like your family did in the days before all the big fancy restaurants.”

Jones adds that, for her, it’s more about cooking from the heart with the freshest ingredients available.

“What I really like doing is cooking fresh. The potatoes, greens, peas [etc.] it’s all fresh, and my meat is fresh,” said Jones. “I make [meals] from scratch and cut everything up as I go.”

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Sylvia Mae’s Soul Food is located at 564 North Main Street in Jacksonville.

They’re open to serve:

Tuesday – Saturday: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Visit Sylvia Mae’s Soul Food’s website here.

And click here to follow Sylvia Mae’s Soul Food on Facebook here. You can also follow Sylvia on Instagram here.

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