Take aim at East Texas Axe Throwing

It's not your average night out!

East Texas Axe Throwing in Lindale is East Texas’ first axe throwing venue!

“East Texas Axe Throwing is a fun activity that brings community together,” said Emily Lindvall, co-owner of East Texas Axe Throwing. “We have groups here all the time. Whether you bring your own group for a private event or you meet new friends, new groups, just combining people together, having fun and building a community is what it’s all about.”

The whole idea started when Nathan and Aubrey Das traveled out of state and decided to check out an axe throwing facility. After one experience, they were hooked! So when the Das family returned to East Texas they met with Abram and Emily Lindvall and the four of them made East Texas Axe Throwing a reality.

“When [Nate & Aubrey] presented the opportunity to us and decided to use some of the space at their facility, it just became a way for us to come together as two couples and just create a fun place for others to come,” said Emily.

The Das’ own The Mill in Lindale, a sawmill company that creates a variety customized wood products, so they decided to make part of The Mill’s show room into the axe throwing venue.

The entire barn has a rustic, outdoorsy vibe and that’s the point. They want guests to travel a little off the beaten path, into the country, and have a safe place where they can get away from life and enjoy a stress relieving opportunity.

“Axe throwing is something new [to East Texas], something trendy, something very exciting and fun,” said Emily. “It can build your confidence, and again it can help you bond with other people.”

The Experience:

So how does East Texas Axe Throwing work? All you have to do is make a reservation and just show up!

“We do have some safety guidelines and we’ve pretty strict about making sure they’re followed,” said Abram Lindvall, co-owner of East Texas Axe Throwing. “We have not had a single injury, and I don’t foresee having an injury as long people follow the guidelines.”

And whether you’ve been throwing axes you’re entire life, or you’re picking one up for the first time, the facilitators at East Texas Axe Throwing are there the entire time to coach you and help you get your best shot.

“At the beginning of each axe session, everyone gets practice throws that are coached by one of our facilitators,” said Emily. “So you get help as far as whether you need to throw harder or step forward or back or use your shoulders more. We’re able to help you figure out how it feels and how it works best for you as an individual. And then the games we play throughout, they get consecutively more difficult. So as you get more practice, more throws, then you can start playing more difficult games.”

Most sessions begin with a game of Timber, which is essentially just making the axe stick on the board. It doesn’t matter where you hit it as long as it sticks. Then the games get progressively harder until you get to The Sequence. In this challenge you and your group must hit every number, in order, starting at one then ending on the 6 which is a bulls eye.

“That’s usually the last game of the night,” said Abram. “But during the entire session we normally play 5 or 6 games and all of them include every skill level.” Working in a team balances everyone out, plus it’s just fun.

The Accommodations:

“We enjoy having a variety of different groups out here,” said Emily. “Yes, there’s our axe throwing, but we have complimentary snacks and drinks for everyone. If you would like to expand that and bring a grill and just have a bigger gathering, then we can help with that as well.”

So who can go?

“We enjoy hosting a variety of different groups out here,” said Emily. “We’ve had churches and ministries come out here. We’ve had birthday parties, baby showers, family reunions. If anyone wants to coordinate a private event we’re more than willing to work with you on what you want your time here to look like.”

Those who want to participate in the axe throwing must be at least 18 years of age or older! Children are welcome to attend, but they cannot be in the axe throwing facility.  There are yard games they can enjoy, like corn hole and bowling, along with two tree swings they can sit and relax on.

“When people leave here after their axe throwing session, we really want them to be able to feel like they bonded with the group they came with or the person they came with as well as maybe made some new friends and just had this new experience and new memory,” said Emily. “And also maybe they challenged themselves in a different way. Axe throwing’s new in this area. And so I think with the new challenge, it just really brings new memories and new bonding experience.”

East Texas Axe Throwing is located at 19934 County Road 4145 in Lindale.

You can keep up with East Texas Axe Throwing on Facebook here.

Prices start at $30 per person for a 90 minute session.

If you visit their Facebook Page you will find a box with their appointment availability and can book from there.

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