Ten Fun Interactive Children’s Books

Books should be a great part of a child’s life. Even for those as young as a few months old. Recently, Hometown Show producer and Ark-La-Tex Weekend contributor Kaylynn Craig welcomed son Kayson into the world. Lately, Kayson has been interested in and loves books. For those of you with newborns in your life or if you know of someone with a little one, share this list of fun interactive children’s books with them.

See, Touch, Feel: ABC

This is a very colorful book that teaches the alphabet and different textures.
Author: Roger Priddy

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Pinkfong Baby Shark Sound Book

This is one of Kayson’s favorites right now. It plays “Baby Shark” but also has different songs to sing along with, including a Christmas version of Baby Shark.

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First 100 Words

A large, thick book that uses words and pictures that we see and use every day.

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Colorful World: Construction Site

This is a series of books with different themes. Each page has something different that we must find. This one focuses on construction zones.
Author: Nastja Holtfreter

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Take-Along Tunes

Another favorite! This has 20 great nursery rhymes and include the very popular “Hot Dog Dance” song. We love that we can take Mickey along wherever we go and can still listen to the music!

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That's Not My Otter

This is another series book, they are usually all animals (That’s Not My Otter, That’s Not My Cat, etc.). They are touchy feely books that’s teaches about textures. It also has a cute mouse hidden on every page.
Author: Fiona Watt

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Nibbles Numbers

This book helps us count to ten. Nibbles the little monster eats holes into the book and we must count the holes.
Author: Emma Yarlett

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baby's Very First Slide and See Zoo

A series of books that has slides throughout to help tell the story.
Author: Stella Baggott

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Disney On the Farm Touch-and-Feel

Offers different textures and teaches about animals and what noises they make. See some of your favorite Disney characters work on the farm.
Author – Nancy Parent

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Turn, Crank, Zoom

Teaches about different types of engines that uses gears. Also has interactive gears that make noises and turn.
Author: Eric Carle

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If you have a fun and favorite children’s interactive books, let us know by clicking here.

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