It’s all about faith, family and fun at The Carl Farm

Available for your next party!

Whether you’re visiting The Carl Farm for a birthday party, school party, church gathering, family reunion or another event it’s basically 25 acres of fun for people of all ages.

Sport Carl bought the property in 1972 and has spent most of that time raising horses. It wasn’t until 2014 that The Carl Farm started.

“We had a horse ranch out here…and we had so many animals because I rescue them from everywhere and somebody said, ‘Why don’t you do something with it? There are so many kids that don’t know what a farm is, that have never seen or pet an animal’,” said Sport Carl, owner of The Carl Farm. “And so that’s what it is. It’s a place for kids to come to learn about the farm, to learn about how we get our resources as farmers and to learn all the different kinds of animals and how they live and what they do and that they can be friendly and they can be a pet almost like a dog can be,” said Sport Carl. “And that’s how it all got started”

The Carl Farm

But it’s not just for kids! The Carl Farm is available for birthday parties, school field trips, family reunions, office parties, church gatherings and more.

“I like the family aspect,” said Carl. “We can involve family in everything we do! [Sometimes] our pasture is full of cars because parents come to share the experience with their kids.”

And the activities at The Carl Farm are endless. They offer a petting zoo, bounce houses, a children’s zip line (adults can ride, too!), hay rides, fishing, pony rides, a playground, treats from their Sugar Shack, carnival games, a barrel train and more. You can mix and match different activities depending on the size of your party.

Right now, The Carl Farm is only available to pre-booked parties. You cannot drive to The Carl Farm and participate in the activities without a large party booked.

Another unique aspect of The Carl Farm is their inclusion of special needs children.

“I’m a retired Special Education Director and it’s important to me now because I can open up [the farm] up because of my background to any special needs kids we have out here,” said Carl. “They can run around, they can clap their hands, they can do just about anything and all of my animals are trained well enough not to respond negatively to anything or any child.”

The Carl Farm is located at 1360 Basham Road in Pollok.

You can visit The Carl Farm on Facebook here. There you will find more information on how to book a party, and you will also find their phone number.

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