Texas Homegrown Songs: The Matthew Shane Band

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Texas Homegrown Songs

Our next feature on Texas Homegrown Songs is The Matthew Shane Band. Watch his performance of “Cupid’s Arrow” above.

Want to watch more? Scroll down to check out “You Got It,” their current single on Texas Country Radio.

Texas Homegrown Songs
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Here are some fun facts about The Matthew Shane Band:

  • The Matthew Shane Band originated in the small deep East Texas town of Huntington
  • Founding front man Matthew Shane Parrish, Lead vocals, Lead guitar, was born in Lufkin
  • He got his roots from old Nashville country and west coast bakersfield sound, outlaw music, rock, and Texas blues. Later emerging into the Texas country music scene for the love of the traditional red dirt energy and the unique talent that is sustained in the artist of that genre
  • The Matthew Shane Band ┬árecorded their first debut single “You Got it” written by Matthew Shane at Roop Records in Grand Cane La. And was released 9/11/20, which made its debut at #118 on The Texas Country Music Charts 11/24/2020. And is Currently at #50.

Other performances:

“You Got It”

If you want to keep up with The Matthew Shane Band, there are plenty of ways. Click to check them out on Facebook and find their music on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and Youtube.

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