The original Space Jam website from 1996 is still active, 25 years later

The World Wide Web!

This July, LeBron James stars in a re-imagining of the movie Space Jam, the 1996 movie that dared to ask: “What if Michael Jordan met Bugs Bunny?”

While the 2021 version of the movie promises a fresh take on the world of “what if basketball star plus cartoon”, you may want a little refresher on the original Warner Brothers classic. Look no further than

Go to the site for an “internet quality” still!

Yes, that’s the original 1996 website to the movie “Space Jam”, complete with frames-based layout, downloadable wallpapers, and even internet browser icons! (Sorry, you can only get the browser icon of a spinning basketball if you are using Netscape on a Macintosh, meaning you’ll have to jump in a time machine.)

Clicking on “Movie Link” will no longer tell you where to view the movie “Space Jam”, sorry.

Complete with eyeball-melting red text over busy wallpaper backrounds (seriously, why did people think this looked good for so long?), you can watch “behind the scenes” Quicktime movie interviews with producer Ivan Reitman in glorious 160×120 resolution. Or learn about the soundtrack, and which radio stations you can call to request the single “Fly Like An Eagle”. There’s even a “Junior Jam” section for kids, as though anyone above the age of 16 was going to this website in 1996.

Disappointingly, the “Press Box Shuttle” link states there is no current Space Jam news to report. Some intern needs to jump on this immediately, and get the word out about Space Jam: A New Legacy! Wake up, Warner Brothers!

While we’re talking 90s throwback, what happened to the “Jammin’ 90.3 Dancing Guy?”