Tigerlillies Soap Emporium

Artisan Soap + Natural Beauty

Originally published July 31, 2020

Tigerlillies Soap Emporium is is located in downtown Jacksonville, and filled with hand-crafted skin care creations.

From soaps to bubble baths to body butter and everything in between, the hand-created products are crafted with you and your skin care in mind.

“I want our customers to know and trust that they can go in and buy a product that they can use on their skin that’s not packed with chemicals and not packed with preservatives,” said Lindsey Terry, owner of Tigerlillies Florist & Soap Emporium. “It’s just raw and in it’s natural state, but it allows them to feel beautiful and feminine and let’s them take those moments of self-care.”

Tigerlillies opened in December 2007 as a florist, and began adding handmade soaps to the shelves in 2016. Now, they’ve expanded from soaps to include frothy bubble baths, shave soap tablets, mineral soaking salts, body butters, foaming sugar scrubs, balms and salves, lip scrubs, room sprays and more.

And with dozens of scents and varieties, there’s something for everyone. Even men.

“We have a tobacco and bay rum soap that’s made with fresh tobacco leaves,” said Terry. “We kind of call it the tackle box soap because the feedback we get from the men is that it’s great for taking the fish smells off their hands. If they’re cleaning fish on a boat they can scrub up good. And women keep it for washing away onion smells in the kitchen.”

Since everything is made in the back of the store, you know exactly what’s in it.

“When we make the bars, it’s all made [with a base of] of sustainable palm oil, coconut oil and olive oil,” said Terry. “It’s very simple.”

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Tigerlillies Soap Emporium is located at 109 E Commerce in Jacksonville.

Their current hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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