Ugly Sweater Pop-Tarts are spreading Holiday Cheer

Ugly Sweater Pop-Tarts for the Win(ter)

Does anyone else remember when ugly Christmas sweaters were just a present you begrudgingly received from Grandma? And you could never tell her you didn’t want the sweater, because that’s just rude, so you had to wear it at least once to make her happy? Ugly Christmas sweaters have gone from being a gift no one wanted, to one of the biggest trends every single Holiday season. This Memphis clothing company even has a line of pretty dope Ugly Christmas sweaters.

Pop-Tarts is getting in the Holiday mood early this year with their new sugar cookie flavor, with ugly uweater designs on them.

If you’re not a fan of the Ugly Christmas sweaters, you can opt for the snowflake design Pop-Tarts instead.

There are a bunch of different patterns and designs and you can stack them to make different designs and mashups.  These are already on shelves at stores like Walmart and Target.  You’ll be able to grab a pack of 16 for just $3.68 while they’re still available.

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