Unleashed Rage Room allows you to relieve stress in a pretty nontraditional way

It's the grown up way to throw a tantrum!

Unleashed Rage Room opened in Tyler in August 2019 and is offering East Texans a safe and controlled environment to decompress and let out some stress.

Owner Chase Mays knows there’s a few misconceptions about Rage Room’s out there, and he shares what he wants people to take away from the experience.

“The biggest one is that people think we are spreading hate and that’s the total opposite of what we are,” said Mays. “The biggest thing we want people to take away is relief. We’ve had people come in, we had a man come in yesterday stressed out from work, came in, hit the car 7 times, and just the relief you could just see it on him when he walked out.”

Unleashed Rage Room

So what is a rage room?

“Unleashed Rage Room, we feel, is a safe place to let people take out their anger,” said Mays. “From driving, to college, to breakups, we’re here to help people release that in a controlled environment.”

So essentially, you’re taken into a room filled with breakable items and left alone to break them. (You don’t have to be alone, you can book with a group, too!)

You can throw glasses down on floor and watch them shatter, you can slam plates against a wall, or you can take a golf club to a car window. It’s all designed to help with your mental health.

“There is so much hate in the world and anger right now and we just hope that we at least reduce it by a little bit,” said Mays. “If we can help people take that anger and release it in here then I think we’ve succeeded.”

So at Unleashed Rage Room there are two available rooms.

“Both of the rooms are pretty similar and they can have pretty much the same objects in them, but the first room can only fit up to about 4 people comfortably,” said Mays. “And our second room can fit up to 8, but the second room was designed more for car smashes which is what we have going on right now.”

Unleashed Rage Room

How does Unleashed Rage Room work?

First, you show up. Unleashed Rage Room is a walk-in venue, but they also take appointments. Once you arrive you’ll sign their waiver and get started.

“All of our customers wear protective gloves, it’s actually two sets of gloves, a full face mask and a full body suit,” said Mays.

Because you’ll be smashing breakable items, the suit and gloves prevent any injuries with flying glass.

Once you’re all suited up, you get to choose your ‘weapon.’

“We have an entire weapon wall which they can come in and pick from about 15 different objects from axes, sledgehammers, bats, pipes, mallets all types of stuff,” said Mays. “Then they choose the music that they want to rage to.”

From there, you’ll enter your rage room and smash away.

There are a variety of packages you can purchase at Unleashed Rage Room, and they’re all customizable to what you want to experience.

If you have items you want to break, you can BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakables) and smash them in their room. You can also customize the duration you want to be in the rooms.

You can view all of Unleashed Rage Room’s services here.

In addition to the rage rooms, they also offer axe throwing.

“We are up to WATL standards and if a room is busy people can throw some knives or axes,” said Mays. You can also book an axe throwing session through their services.

Unleashed Rage Room is located at 6252 Rhones Quarter Road in Tyler.

Click here to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are their current hours of operation:

Monday – Thursday:By appointment
Friday: 4 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Saturday: 4 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

Click here to view their website.

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