Walk around the Tyler Rose Garden

Stop and smell the roses at the Tyler Rose Garden!

The Tyler Rose Garden is open 7 days a week and it’s completely free to visit. It’s open from sunrise until sunset.

The rose garden is a 14-acre park, which makes it the largest rose garden in the nation. There are over 35,000 rose bushes of more than 400 varieties ranging from tall rose trees to miniature roses.

Visitors to the garden can also enjoy the meditation area with reflecting pools, flowing fountains and a large, rustic wooden gazebo.

The Garden is one of 24 All American Rose Selection (AARS) test gardens in the country where the newest varieties are evaluated over a two-year period. These are bushes not yet introduced, and the ones that pass the test for vigor, flowering, and disease resistance are then nationally introduced to the gardening public as AARS selections.

Many folks visiting the rose garden bring pad and pencil to write down favorite varieties, making notes on fragrance, color and form.

Do you have a favorite rose? Let us know!

The Tyler Rose Garden is located at 420 Rose Park Drive in Tyler, Texas.

You can learn more about the world-famous Rose Garden by clicking here.

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