Your Weekend Guide to Old Town Palestine

Photo by Larissa Loveless

Whether it’s for an entire weekend or just a day, Old Town Palestine is becoming its own little destination in East Texas. Located, just two blocks West of the 1914 Anderson County Courthouse, Old Town Palestine is a must stroll for visitors and a popular hangout for locals.

If you have a whole weekend to explore, here’s our guide to the area:


Check into the Fig Tree Manor. This Victorian B&B is nestled in the heart of Old Town Palestine and within walking distance to great dining and shopping.

Friday evening, you can enjoy one of the best steaks around! Hambones is known for their Cajun flair, but it’s the Rib-Eyes that keep folks coming back for more.

*Travel Tip: Plan a night when they have a local artist playing on the patio and make sure you call for their hours because they’re only open selected seasons.

And if you want to dance the night way, walk across the street from Hambones and head into Shelton Gin. This is an old cotton gin turned into a dance hall, and there’s always a band playing.


Take a morning walk and explore all the architecture and historic buildings then enjoy a coconut latte from the locally-owned Cream & Coffee.

*Travel Tip: Sit on the patio and don’t forget to swing back by on Saturday afternoon for an Affogato (gelato and espresso).

Skip breakfast to hold out for a slice of pie from Oxbow Bakery.  The mother-son award winning pie shop opens at 10 a.m. and they offer over a dozen pies, by the slice or whole, from chocolate-meringue to pecan-praline cream.


Even though food is what brings the majority of people to Old Town Palestine, you cannot pass up a fun shopping experience at Wells Creek Crossing. It’s located by Cream & Coffee. The shop has everything from antiques, to shabby chic design to artisan products.

*Travel Tip: plan a trip during mum season and head up the street to Old Town Market: Unexpected Goods & Greenery.

End the day with a craft beer and a pulled pork sandwich from Pint & Barrel (Scotty, the Chef starts smoking the Pork as early as 4 a.m.). The modern, but laid-pub is very kid-friendly and has a full menu of comfort food with a twist. If you aren’t into beer, their wine menu is just as good.

The images and travel guide were provided by Breezy Lake-Wolfe at @oldtownpalestinetx. Make sure to follow them on Instagram for everything related to Old Town Palestine.

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