What is Fright Farm?

When the sun goes down, things get a little creepier at Yesterland Farm!

Fright Farm begins at dark at Yesterland Farm. And let’s just say that’s when things start getting a little creepy.

Some features that that come out when the sun goes down include a creepy corn maze, a goblin glow (haunted trail ride through the woods), chuckles fun house, vertigo vortex, a swamp zombie paintball experience and it’s all finished with some frightening fireworks.

Fright Farm is designed to be a creepy fun time, but still remain a family-friendly event. They have a no guts, no blood, no gore policy so all spookiness is designed with that in mind.

Fright Farm is happening every Saturday from September 29 to November 10 and every Friday in October. It goes until 10 p.m. There’s two admission options, the Fright Farm Pass and the Fright Farm Super Pass. The Fright Farm Pass includes the creepy corn maze, vertigo vortex, goblin glow trail and chuckes fun house. The Fright Farm super pass includes al lof that plus 5 tokens that can be used towards a bucket of apple ammo for the cannon attraction or your chance to save Van Zandt County at the Swamp Zombie Paintball. Purchase your tickets here. 

Yesterland Farm is located right off Interstate 20 in Canton, Texas. Their physical address is 15410 Interstate 20, Canton, TX.

Learn more about Fright Farm here.

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