What to know about “Joyscrolling”

There is something you can do on your phone that psychologists say can actually improve your mood. What is it? 👇  

You might know the term “doom-scrolling”. That’s when you’re going through social media and all that you are seeing is bad news that makes you feel bad. It might be something you’ve been doing today. According to Google search data, the term doom-scrolling jumped up significantly last night compared with the past 7 days. It could be a good time to focus on the opposite of that – “joy-scrolling”.

There is even a website for joyscrolling. It was created in Iceland and the idea is that you just keep swiping up on your device to look at things like waterfalls, fields of flowers, and animals. So what’s the deal? Dr. Mark Schillinger has been studying stress management and spiritual philosophy for decades. He also runs a program for young men in California. Dr. Schillinger joined us on QC@3 to tell us more about this how joy scrolling can change your mood.