What’s your favorite Mardi Gras throw?

Everyone who goes to a Mardi Gras parade is going for something. Whether it’s to see the floats, or to have fun with friends and family or simply go to catch whatever comes our way. If you’re at a parade and you think catching things thrown from a float from people in masks and costumes, we want to know: What’s your favorite Mardi Gras throw? Scroll below for a few tips when catching these special objects.

Tips for catching your favorite Mardi Gras throws…

  1. Make eye contact with those on the float. If they toss something, it’s better odds they’ll throw it directly at you.
  2. Don’t bend down to pick up the throws until after the float passes. Gently step on the throw to ‘claim’ it. (Wouldn’t recommend this when food is being tossed.) Many people will step on the thing they want and you don’t want your hand underneath.
  3. Be considerate of others. Catching beads is NOT a contest.
  4. Bring a few spare bags with you to put your stash in.
  5. Never run up to the side of a float.
  6. Don’t run in between the floats.
  7. Don’t throw back at the float.
  8. Too many beads? Check out this novel solution.

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