Pay to get in, but pray to get out at World of Khaos

This isn't some cute Halloween House. Your heart will be pumping liquid fear through your veins.

World of Khaos Thrill Park is located just east of Downtown Tyler, and inside the old warehouse buildings are haunted houses that aren’t for the faint of heart.

“My crew will tell it all,” said Charles Cox, owner of World of Khaos. “It’s complete chaos in these houses and it is 100% a haunted house!”

World of Khaos is made up of two different houses, and if you like haunted houses, you don’t want to skip either of them.

“[In our first house] you’re going into an insane asylum,” said Cox. “And our second house is the mind of an insane person. So you get to see what goes on in the aspect of what they go through.”

“Have you ever been to a Halloween haunted house that scared you so badly, just thinking of it gives you shivers? That’s what World of Khaos’ haunted houses in Tyler, TX are like. We go the extra the mile to tap into your deepest fears.” – World of Khaos

Each year, World of Khaos opens in late September and runs through Halloween. Check out their schedule here.

“I cater to everybody 10 and above,” said Cox. “13 and above you can go without your parents, if you think you’re big enough. 10 is pretty much our limit because we know how nightmares go, but if the parent feels like they can let their younger kid go then we’ll let them go. But we urge 10 and above.”

Tickets for World of Khaos are $20, and VIP Fast Pass tickets are also available for $25. VIP Fast Pass gets you to the front of the line.

And if you start going through the Haunted House, but are too scared to finish, there are emergency exits two rooms.

“So if you get scared, you get through and say, ‘Hey, I’m not cut out for it!’ so on and so forth, there is a way out,” said Cox. “We also have sheriff officers here for security, and a private security firm. We want [World of Khaos] to be save so you can bring your family out and have fun while doing it.”

So what goes into making a Haunted House?

We thought the same thing! At World of Khaos, they change their theme every two years. When it comes to picking a theme, there’s only one goal.

“There’s a group of ways you can do a haunted house,” said Cox. “You can do clowns, you can do a whole list of things, but at the end of the day you figure out what makes people scared.”

The crew at World of Khaos starts preparing for the hanuted houses on November 1st the year before.

“The day after Halloween we literally start a remodel,” said Cox. “We come in, set a design and literally start from painting to gutting the house to rebuild, to set design, and we’ll go until the last day to make sure the houses are 100%.”

For more insight into World of Khaos, check out their gallery of images.

And if you still need some convincing, World of Khaos was ranked as a fan-voted #1 “Must-See Haunts” in the state of Texas, and #31 across the nation!

You can check out the other top voted houses in Texas here.

World of Khaos is located at 816 East Oakwood Street in Tyler.

Their hours vary depending on the month, so view their full schedule here.

Tickets for World of Khaos are $20, and VIP Fast Pass tickets are also available for $25.

Visit the World of Khaos website here.

And follow World of Khaos on Facebook here.

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There’s a Reason Some People LIKE To Be Scared