Experience the taste of down home, backyard barbecue at Y’alls Barbecue and Produce

BBQ restaurant and fresh produce organically grown

You’ll find Y’alls Barbecue and Produce down a county road, just outside of Tyler, and it’s a foodie destination worth returning for. The entire place was created to make every person feel like they’re stepping foot in a backyard barbecue.

“It’s just down home in the middle of nowhere,” said owner Ben Warren. “You can come in and just feel comfortable. Once you sit down and relax, find your zone, you can sit here all day.”

Warren started Y’alls Barbecue and Produce after retiring from the restaurant industry after 20 years.

“Y’alls Barbecue is a dream I had for a long time,” said Warren. “It’s kind of funny, cooking in a restaurant for 20 years where we didn’t have any barbecue, every weekend we’d be in the backyard and my friends from work would request me to cook. So we ended up getting a nice big pit at the house and a month or so later we had people lined up down the street, stopping by the house trying to get barbecue. So I bouht this piece of property and put thie building together and been here for seven and a half years now.”

And now it’s a family affair. Warren works alongside his family members to make sure all of the food is made with love.

“It’s not some corporate thing where everybody’s got a job to go to, this is my family and my business,” said Warren. “We take pride in that the food is made with love. When somebody comes here into that, I do my best and I put that in my grandkids.”

“We sell ribs, sausage, hot links, turkey legs, chicken, brisket,” said Warren. “And we have sides to go with our plates. We’ve got baked beans, pinto beans, potato salad, collard greens, cornbread, red beans and rice…”

According to Warren, one thing that makes the barbecue at Y’alls Barbecue different than others is how it’s made.

“It’s a little bit different. I want everybody to know that we’re not cooking with pellets,” said Warren. “We’re using straight Red Oak and Pecan wood. With pellets you don’t get the same flavor in your meat, and you can taste the difference.”

Y’alls Barbecue and Produce is located at 1515 County Road 24 in Tyler.

Their summer hours are Thursday – Sunday 11 a.m. – 8 p.m..

Their winter hours are Thursday – Sunday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Click here to visit their Facebook page.

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