This yoga studio will have you saying Oh My Goat

Cherry Russell has been raising goats her entire life, and her daughter, Lou Douglas, grew up showing goats. So it makes sense that the family is now taking of their love for the animals public with Oh My Goat in Palestine.

According to the Oh My Goat website, Cherry says “as a long time sheep and goat enthusiast, they have been a part of my life since I was very young through 4-H and FFA. I made my way to raising sheep, Angoras and then quality show goats with my own children being able to show them. Fast forward to a different location and different mindset. We now we have a brand new facility with a different purpose and a small lovable herd of Pygmy Nigerian cross goats.”

Cherry Russell along with her husband, Randy Grant, work to bring the East Texas community a fun, relaxing place for to enjoy time to wind down with some countryside yoga complete with a few of the family’s goats.

“We wanted to be in the country a little bit away from the city,” said Cherry. “We wanted you to be able to come out and have the full experience here with the goats in nature where it’s very quiet … and I think that’s the big attraction to come get away, even though it’s not as convenient as [other locations], we just wanted to make it a bit more of a rural experience.”

So what is Oh My Goat?

“At Oh My Goat we have goat yoga, and we also have private events,” said Cherry. “We do events for kids, and just plain goat visits with your children too. We also do mobile goat yoga, so if you wanted us to bring the goats to you we’ll do that.”

So yoga in general is all about discipline, focus and concentration. It’s meant to connect your mind with your body to provide quiet relaxation with different poses and movements … so why not enhance the experience with a few 4-legged farm animals?!

“Goat Yoga is a little bit different from regular yoga because it’s not as intense. I mean it can be, but most of our yoga is very beginner’s style and the goats just kind of mingle around with you,” said Cherry. “You reach out, we encourage you to reach out and touch them and be part of your experience. They will jump on you sometimes they nibble you. It’s all part of the nature experience.”

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Cherry knows that some people have a few fears and reservations about doing yoga amidst the goats, but she wants everyone to know it’s all about just having fun!

“Most people think the goats are going to pee or poop on them and that very rarely happens,” said Cherry. “They will poop and pee [on the mats] but we always clean that up and it’s just part of the process. [And for] the people that are afraid of the horns, it’s not a big deal. They’re not aggressive. All our goats are very laid back and it’s just real playful … it’s just a real fun experience.”

However, it is worth mentioning that the entire class is constantly monitored by the instructor and members of the Oh My Goat family, so if you don’t want a goat to jump on your back they will make sure that doesn’t happen.

What else does Oh My Goat offer?

In addition to the traditional goat yoga classes, Oh My Goat is constantly evolving with the seasons and latest trends to bring everyone a fun unique class experience.

“We are open all year long, and so we’re always working with the weather,” said Cherry. “We do all sorts of themes, so like Halloween we’ll do Hayrides with the Goats, or pumpkin painting. We’ll have Christmas themed classes as well as Valentine’s. And then throughout the year we have other events like a ‘make-your-own-succulents’ class, morning yoga, mommy & me yoga, sunset yoga, so we try it to incorporate a bunch of things other than yoga to make it worth the drive.”

There are also select add-ons that are available depending on which class you purchase. Some include drinks, painting or s’mores.

They’re also constantly adjusting classes with the weather. So if it’s raining, they’ll move the class inside the barn so everyone can still get the same experience.

And Oh My Goat is also available for private parties. Whether you want to get a large group of girls together for a Bachelorette experience, a birthday party, an office party or anything in between, bring the idea to Cherryand she’ll make it happen!

If you have questions we may have left out, you can visit their list of Frequently Asked Questions here.

Interested in pricing? Here’s what’s listed on the Oh My Goat Facebook page:

Oh My Goat is located at 214 ACR 469 in Palestine.

You can visit their website here.

And you can check out their events page here.

And don’t forget to follow Oh My Goat on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest special events and more!

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